In-Home Stroke Rehabiliation

The Neuro Physio Group provides rehabilitation services post stroke across Central London. We work with a wide range of clients across their recovery journey, whether it be acute rehabilitation post discharge, or after some time has passed since the initial event. We pride ourselves in designing personalized rehabilitation programs, focused on individual needs and goals to assist our clients in regaining their independence and maintaining dignity.

As neurological physiotherapy organization we believe in applying evidence-based treatment principles into our stroke rehabilitation programs. After meeting with clients and performing an initial assessment to gauge current function, potential and current risk and discussing client and family centred goals, we design and facilitate functional rehabilitation program to target and develop neuro-plasticity and increase in functional abilities.

The focus of our stroke rehabilitation service is to increase functional ability using repetitive task training and functional training, as well as minimize further complications such as pressure sores, upper limb contracture and global deconditioning. We aim to work with clients regularly, to gain the biggest benefits from rehabilitation as well as encourage them to take part in their own rehabilitation where appropriate. As we know with stroke, training intensity and frequency is important in promoting neuroplasticity and to gain the best functional outcome for those following a stroke.

We also believe in educating family and care staff on manual handling techniques and how to facilitate ongoing rehabilitation in the home. This is aimed to maintain client safety in the home and to encourage ongoing frequency of rehabilitation for our clients.