Being Proactive about Parkinson's

The time is now for tackling your symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease! It’s time to get pro-active about treating your symptoms to improve your function and delay disease progression. 

We at the Neuro Physio Group are absolutely committed to enhancing client’s movement and quality of life through specific treatment techniques which follow neuro-plasticity guidelines, ultimately enhancing results. You can absolutely improve your movement through exercise and becoming proactive about your care plan is vital for long term management.

We pride ourselves in enabling individuals to maintain their independence, safety and dignity within their own homes close to family and friends. We recognize that there really is no place like home, and just how important it is for people to remain in a place that they feel safe and secure in.

         What improvements can I expect?

  • Improvement in walking pattern, speed and endurance 
  • Improvement in balance
  • Decreased falls 
  • Increased strength
  • Improvement in functional tasks such as stairs, on and off a chair, in and out of bed 
  • Improvement in confidence 
  • Increased quality of life