LSVT-BIG is considered the gold standard treatment for Parkinson's Disease, and an effective way to amplify results leading to improved function. LSVT is a significant commitment, with 16 sessions completed over four weeks, working with the principle of results are gained through participating in high intensity, large amplitude, functional exercise that initiates neuroplasticity and ultimately improves your functional ability level- no matter what stage. 

Early treatment of Parkinson's Disease plays a vital role in delaying the onset of symptoms. Exercise has been proven to directly influence changes in the brain that are Neuro Protective and help delay the progression of the disease. Through task specific, high intensity exercise improvement can absolutely be made! 

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Where do I do LSVT-BIG?

LSVT-BIG is best completed within the home environment. This environment is the most functional we can get, practising daily tasks and movements in environments that you will be completing daily. It is also possible to complete some sessions at a local community gym. All of the below packages are based on home/gym sessions.

How much does LSVT-BIG cost?

Central London Zones 1-3 

Total Package (Initial Assessment and 16 Treatments)


London Zones 4-6

Total Package (Initial Assessment and 16 Treatments)


What results to expect?

- Improved Walking Pattern 

- Faster Walking Speed 

- Improved function with daily tasks such as getting in and out of the car, stairs etc

- Increased fitness

- Increased strength and balance 

- Improved quality of life