Staying Independant at Home

The Neuro Physio Group offers individual tailored rehabilitation programs for individuals who have lost independence or are struggling with everyday functional tasks at home and in the community. Changes in physical function are often distressing for both the individual and their family. The Neuro Physio Group strives to enable individuals to stay at home and to be able to perform their everyday tasks and hobbies safely and effectively.

We recognize that a wide range of factors contribute to this decline, whether it be due to a period of illness, a progression in neurological condition or simply general deconditioning, and as physiotherapists we can allow our clients to achieve significant improvements which allow them to retrain and maintain their independence.

Our process begins with assessing the client's function and how they move about their home, we focus our planning around your main concerns and struggles to ensure that we are developing a plan that is specific to individual needs and goals. We then develop a personalized plan to order to best meet the concerns and goals outlined in our assessment.

Your rehabilitation program will exercise based, including - Specifically tailored muscle strengthening - Functional movement training - Gait retraining - Balance and co-ordination retraining.

We pride ourselves in enabling individuals to maintain their independence, safety and dignity while staying in their own homes close to family and friends. We recognize that there really is no place like home, and just how important it is for people to remain in a place that they feel safe and secure in.