Parkinson's Disease Treatment- The time is NOW!

Take control of your Parkinson's! The Neuro Physio Group is absolutely committed to enhancing clients movement and quality of life through specific treatment techniques, which follow neuro-plasticity guidelines, ultimately enhancing results. You can ABSOLUTELY improve your movement and functional ability level and becoming proactive about your care plan is vital for long term management

Exercise has been found to be neuroprotective, and especially beneficial in the Parkinson's population to help you manage your symptoms and even slow down the progression of the disease! Stephanie carefully designs an individualised programme to help you reach your potential and improve your movement. Stephanie is passionate about treating Parkinson's during the early stages to help improve your health and function long term. It is never too early or too late to start physiotherapy treatment. 

What to expect?

Your physiotherapist will first complete an initial assessment in the comfort of your own home and discuss what your goals are and review your current movement patterns, balance and strength levels. From there they will individually tailor a programme to suit your needs and enhance your results. You can expect to work hard during the sessions and challenge your balance, endurance and strength. You will also be given a home exercise programme to complete on a daily basis.

 No Challenge= No Change!!

What improvements can I expect?

- Improvement in walking pattern, speed and endurance 

-Improvement in balance

-Decreased falls 

- Increased strength

-Improvement in functional tasks such as stairs, on and off a chair, in and out of bed 

-Improvement in confidence 

-Increased quality of life